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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A New Earth

What an agonizing book. I can't believe I tried to listen to it again. It has some interesting points but it's really, really hard to listen to. The author should NOT have read it; someone else should have read it. I found tiny tidbits of insight but it was overshadowed by the rambling and the obtuse ideas. I find enough blame with myself without having some guy tell me that when I don't like someone, it's because I am like whatever I don't like about them. That doesn't make any damn sense. I don't like when somone is passive aggressive or manipulative so that makes ME passive aggressive or manipulative? I can't believe people find this book life changing. Unless by life changing, they mean life ending, like O.M.G. I want to end my life rather than listen to any more of this drivel.

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