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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eclipse and salsa

I went to IKEA for the first time today with a couple of my girlfriends, A and J. A and I went to Smart & Final to get paper bags and I was only able to get a ginormous package of bags--they should last for a very, very long time. We met K for lunch at Arriba where I got a skinny margarita and chicken fajitas with rice, substituting corn tortillas for flour, no cheese or sour cream. When it came, there was no guacamole, so they brought it separate. When I was almost done eating, I saw cheese in my pico de gallo. WTH.That's pretty disappointing, but what am I going to do at that point. I left a note on my receipt.

A went with me to Target where I got a new food processor, waffle iron, colander, and a few other kitchen things. I also found a dress similar to the one K got there.

Later, when it got cooler, I went out to the sunflowers with a stack of bags and a stapler. I only bagged the ones that looked like they were starting to be attacked or worse. I thought the others could use more time in the sun to develop. I tried to get some photos of the eclipse but they just look like photos of the setting sun.

I was going to use my new food processor but it was missing a couple things when I opened the box, so it's going back. I added more spices and green onions from my garden after I took this photo.
Salsa: tomatoes and cilantro from my garden, my friend's recipe

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