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Monday, May 14, 2012

Turmoil. And an alternate explanation.

I don't talk about work much, but I'm going through some craziness. First, I was yelled at by someone who just got back in the office after a long vacation because something didn't go out earlier (because that person needed to send it). Then I had to send out the notification that someone was resigning, and all hell broke loose, as they say. People seemed more relieved than anything, but I heard some anger, essentially that it hadn't happened differently earlier. And I was kind of ticked that this person has some serious balls, putting in notice and then "reminding" us that this person has several days of vacation scheduled, and then taking off the rest of the day to take care of a sick kid. Big. Balls. Huge. Giant. Fucking. Balls.

I got a call back from the research center finally, and the contact asked me to come in today for my blood draw, so I went in. It looks like I'm getting a big bruise. It could just be a lump; we'll see. I noticed that it's "month 11" for the extension trial; the page started at month 0 when I was 183 pounds and I was 144 today. And I forgot to ask about when I get my damn MRI.

In a meeting, I was questioned a little because I was looking at the other person kind of weird. Well, shit. This is the second person to say this in about a week. I think I'm going to have to tell the office about my Graves disease. I told this person and got, well, we'll go with sympathy or empathy and skip the pity. But I think this person was a little shocked that I have something else wrong with me. Well, yeah, me too! FML. Oh, wait, my husband thinks I have a perfect, great life and should never say FML. But I have a bad attitude. I'm working on it though.

I told that same someone about my drama (where I "overreact" to other people's actions) the other day. She suggested that although it sounds like someone is being mean, perhaps that someone is going senile. Wow. Wow. I know I'm stuttering, but wow. Is it better or worse to think someone is senile in order to understand their behavior?! Is it terrible that I'm entertaining this theory? I just can't figure out how to make sense of some of this crazy. Nope, not crazy. Senile. Wow.

Mick had to go to a club meeting, so I was on my own for dinner. I made my artichoke with some fake mayo and sriracha (sriracha, it makes everything better!) and then I used my Paleo fried chicken breading recipe on some turkey cutlets coated in coconut milk creamer. They turned out great and would have been excellent with mashed potatoes but I was out of energy.

Today's Celiac or Gluten-free post talks about the decision to have, or not have, a gluten-free kitchen, with a great link on setting up a shared kitchen and some important information on getting rid of gluten in the kitchen. I don't think these posts are helping me have less paranoia.

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  1. Has the doc discussed removing your thyroid with you yet? Or killing it with radioactive shit? Might be a good way to go if that's possible. :) Then we can compare scars! And maybe I could win this one time! :) Big hug from me and a drink is in your future!