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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Losing my mind. I mean my hair.

I did some time in the garden, cleaning out some overgrown veggies, harvesting tomatoes and swiss chard, and taking a few photos. It was getting hot, for me, so I headed in to work on cleaning my harvest and cleaning house. It was exhausting.

I thought I was losing my mind, but today, I found out that I'm (also?) losing my hair. I called my hairdresser, S, and she said she could get me in for highlights today. She looked at my hair and said there was no way she was putting bleach in it, no highlights. As we talked about it, she asked about my diet, which we have discussed a couple times since this whole allergy thing started. Then I said something about my thyroid and it was like a light bulb came on over her head. Of course, she has seen this thyroid issue with a lot of clients, and she wouldn't suggest any bleaching or highlights until I get my thyroid under control.

She was concerned with how fragile it looked. It is most noticeable in the area I notice my grays coming in so I was reluctant to forego color completely. She asked why I was thinking of going lighter and I explained that I thought the gray would be less noticeable. We looked at the color book and she showed me where I usually am with the darker color, and said I could go across that row for my color, but based on my skin color, she wouldn't suggest I go to another row that had more blond. We agreed on a slightly lighter version of my darker color. She noted that I would probably be lighter on top for a while, that the ends are darker and wouldn't hold the new color well.

We discussed bangs or no bangs as well. I wondered if I would be able to cover up the thinning by either having more bangs or growing out my bangs. She played with my hair a little and said no to both, but mostly to the idea of more bangs as it would make the hair look thinner. We decided to just trim the bangs a little, not as much as usual, in case I want to grow them out after all. But when I pull my hair back, it's very noticeable that my hair is terrible. I told S that I've been terrified for years that I would end up with hair like my mom's. I remember her telling me that she didn't like to cut her hair because it wouldn't grow back out, and it was always, well, it was never very polished or smooth.

I think the hair color turned out pretty well and she said it will improve as it grows and we do another round.

Later, my husband and I were going to go out with a friend, but the plans were very late and we got stuck on the freeway for almost an hour before we decided to turn around and go home. We're just too damn old to be leaving our house at 10 pm to go out to the other side of town. He made drinks for me with a juice I picked up, pineapple coconut, and Malibu rum and cream of coconut. It was like a lovely daiquiri type drink. Yum. Great end to a not so great day. But my hair looks good. If you don't notice it's thinning.

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  1. I always know my thyroid is out of whack by the amount of hair that is clogging the drain in the shower! I'm wondering if you aren't responding to "regular meds" anymore. If you want to try a compound pharmacist that's AMAZING, let me know. She's really great at adjusting me based on my labs AND how I feel.

  2. Well, I have only been on the new meds for a month, so we'll see what the new PA has to say tomorrow about my recent labs. But bring me the info, just in case. I'll pay you in zucchini. :)