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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Garden update, post-dust storm

My camera is doing some ridiculous lighting thing, so I only have terrible photos. Fortunately, I got a couple from my husband, too.  I'm pretty sure you can tell which are his.

artichokes (one is already in the fridge!)
tomatoes, everywhere, tomatoes
flower on the butternut squash plant
there's the little butternut squash!
The second garden box--lots of onions, a little lettuce and carrots
bell peppers--still going bad before they fully develop
that's a fig. lots of leaves and one upside down fig.
pomegranates. lots of flowers, aka pomegranate babies.
the cornfield, a little damaged from the dust storm.
butternut squash and flower in the cornfield
first watermelon (finger shown for size)
the broke tree, dust storm collateral


  1. Your tomatoes never got as big as mine. Hubby will have to dig out the soil in that spot for the fall, they like to have really deep roots in soft soil. I told Mike this morning that with the 108 degree temps this week out tomoato season is done. The ones on the plant will all turn red this week, so we'll be eating tomatoes for dinner everynight. And most likely, just a plate of tomatoes!

  2. I want to make some salsa but forgot to pick up cilantro (and mine just stopped producing). I think that will be my best use of the tomato bumper crop. :)