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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It could be worse. Exhibit V: me.

Today I had my blood work done for my thyroid, so I left the house without taking my medication or eating.  Afterwards, I took my medicine and went to get an almond milk vanilla latte.  I think coffee is now on my no list.  I wouldn't want the rest of my no list to get lonely...

I had debated about going to the gluten-free foodie tour event at Fleming's in North Scottsdale.  I would have to skip agility, I would have to go alone, I might not be able to eat anything, it might be a complete waste of time and money and energy.  But these are people dealing with allergies, and the restaurant is ready to meet our needs, and really, how else am I going to find out if it's worth my time if I don't go.  So I let my agility instructor know that I wasn't coming, and I reserved my spot.

Late in the afternoon, I looked out my office window and it was really dark towards the northeast where I was going to be heading in a couple hours.  It started raining and the wind was crazy.  By the time I left, it had calmed down and was just raining.  It cleared up as I headed north, but when I was headed east, it got very windy.  I made it to the restaurant and went inside, and was directed to the patio.  I found a table with wine and the server asked if I had the pomegranate mimosa, but it had champagne so I couldn't have it.  I saw some food on a couple of tables, but wasn't sure I could have anything so I had a glass of red wine.

I didn't know anyone, but saw a woman who seemed very familiar, so I approached her and the women she was talking with and they were very nice.  I was able to talk to Russell who was the main Fleming's contact, and he offered to get an allergen menu for me.  He was gone for a while, and then the event organizer, Ken, called for everyone's attention and made announcements and then we had our photo taken.  I was concerned that food was coming out for everyone to take, and I didn't think I could eat any of it.

Russell found me while I was talking to Julie, who has recently started a website, Can I Eat That?  She mentioned having me write a guest blog.  Huh.  I should really get my shit together on this blog before I get any "publicity." Russell gave a copy each to me and Julie of the allergen menu.  Between the dairy, eggs, and soy, I was able to have grilled shrimp skewers and asparagus.  They brought a plate of 3 shrimp and several asparagus for me and two more plates for the serving table.  When I was done with my plate, I had another shrimp and a couple more asparagus since they were still there but then the rest was gone.

Everyone was eating lava cake and banana creme brulee, so I had another glass of wine and then met a lovely young woman who has a serious condition I've never heard of before.  Her parents were there as well.  After she left, I met Ken in person, as well as the chef.  As I had told the marketing woman earlier, I told Russell, Ken, and the chef about my experience at the Fleming's in Palm Springs, when I had to argue with the waiter who thought he could just tell the kitchen I was gluten-free and I would be good.  It took me three times of explaining I was not *just* gluten-free before he "got it" and frankly, I was embarrassed to have to argue with him in front of my coworkers and my boss.  Well, I was trying not to complain but I think if they want to claim that their corporation is so aware, they should be aware of the challenges facing those of us who aren't *just* gluten-free.

On my way out, I lost my sweater.  For real.  I have one white sweater, and I lost it.  I started driving away, realized I didn't have it, went back and couldn't find it.  WTF.

On my way home, I realized that I was really disappointed with the night.  I wanted to go home and eat (I had cookies and a terrible version of chocolate milk) and I wasn't feeling great and I was just kind of let down.  I knew ahead of time that I shouldn't get my hopes up, but the people were so nice and understanding, I guess I let my guard down and thought I was one of them.  But I'm not.  They get an entire menu of yummy deliciousness, and I can literally have one dish on the menu.  (It did appear they have sorbet that is non-dairy, too.)  It is disheartening, to say the least.  I may just stay home for the rest of my life.


  1. I'll come and visit you if you never leave the house again. And I'll bring the tequilla!