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Friday, August 23, 2013

Shopping highs and lows

Just in case you think this shopping thing is getting any easier...
I went to Fresh and Easy and found these...
You love my blurry photos.
Hmmm, what is natural flavor? Or fruit concentrate?
So I guess I should get the ones with the toxic red dye.
On clearance, I found these Kale chips.  Although they are "Ranch" there is no dairy. O. M. G. I have not had anything "Ranch" long.
It's sideways, yo.
It's in the bag.
And they would be way better if there wasn't kale. Ha. Actually, I was kind of wishy washy about whether I liked them so I probably wouldn't get them again.
So I ate some of this to get rid of the kale taste.
Because I'm worth $3 (or more) chocolate bars. Apparently.
Then at Whole Foods, I see dairy-free sour cream which I assume is soy based. But it's not.
Not sour cream. Not soy. Let's flip this bitch over.
It. totally. says. Lima. fucking. beans.
And "Wayfare Natural Flavor"? WTF.
That's right. Lima fucking beans. What vegetable can this girl not have? Lima fucking beans. What is in the only non-dairy, non-soy sour cream I've seen? You fucking got it--Lima fucking beans.
But I got these newbies: new uber bar flavors and Applegate grilled chicken breast strips which would both be good "travel" foods for the day.
Yep, this shopping thing is totally getting easier and less frustrating. #sarcasm

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