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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Girls Night In

My fabulous husband is out of town for work for a few days. Some would say it's time to party, but when he is gone, I have to come right home from work to let the dogs out--do not run errands, do not pass go, do not collect $200. (I know, I'm most upset about the $200 too.)

So I invited a few ladies to girls night in. I really hadn't planned anything, cleaned anything, or prepared anything. Worst. Party. Planner. Ever.

I don't remember which of my ladies said it but someone was happy to see that I really live in my house, basically telling me that it is a relief to see my house a mess. Hmm. I'm glad I can make y'all feel at home but I'm still a little embarrassed.

I split a bottle of white wine with A and J and made a box of Cook Simple jambalaya (available at Fresh & Easy or Sprouts) with Sprouts (Sunflower) andouille sausage.
Cake and cookies
K brought treats to share, some for the group and some for me. Just for me? Yep, just for me! From the Gluten-free Creations bakery. J had already left but A says the Italian wedding cookies taste like the real deal. I thought so but what would I know?! The German chocolate pecan cake is so amazing. I don't recall anyone taking a bite so that was not confirmed, but WOW. I have to figure out this baking thing!
Oh, cake, how I love thee...

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