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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Blew it

I was going to work at home today. But my monitor showed nothing , just a black screen. Mick thinks I blew the graphics card. I went into the office. Because I love commuting. When I could be working at home. Damnit.
I forgot to start a new batch of cold press coffee last night and I was now running late so I went without coffee and only managed to eat half my Glutenfreeda oatmeal. But I remembered my leftovers for lunch. I went to Terra Java to get a coffee drink to go with my lunch. I was told they have almond milk. And they do. I was paying when she started my drink so when she was done, I confirmed she used almond milk. She did not so she remade it. Lesson learned: always ask. It was good with my chili too.
Corn from our garden :)

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