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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mrs. Whites

We went for haircuts and my hairdresser says that my hair IS getting fuller. I thought maybe I was getting better at doing my hair but she is certain that it is filling in. Hell yeah!
We were going to meet my grandparents and family for lunch for my grandma's birthday. She was so funny when she called, letting me know they were going to meet at Mrs. White's and "you can eat there, right?" I'm thinking, hell no, I can't eat soul food, what are you thinking, but I just said I'll eat later if I can't.
Then I got all crazy and took food but Mick thought I should leave it in the car until I knew if I could eat or not. Well, my grandparents have known the family who owns and operates the restaurant for-frickin-evah. I don't know if that made a difference or not. But they totally accommodated me.
I had a chicken fried steak without the chicken fried--so I had steak and onions. I also had black eye peas and beans since all the other sides have flour and/or butter. And don't forget the sweet tea.
Yep, no veggies.

There was a little family drama but very...understated. When we got there, only my grandpa's family was there so we sat together. The kids hadn't seen us in a while so it took a while for them to warm up to us, but they did.

I have awesome hair (when a professional does it). I also have rabbit ears.
My cousin told us some interesting thing about how he gets baptized for dead people so they don't go to hell or something like that. I guess it's a Mormon thing. I'm sure I'm misstating it but he got baptized like 30 times one day.

I got baptized once. I was 14. God talked to me; it was like a feeling of peace came over me, which was unbelievable to me after such a tumultuous life.* I was saved by the blood of Christ and baptized in the Baptist Church. Amen.

*(Yes, in case you don't know me IRL or haven't heard anyway, I lived in hell on earth when I was a kid. Fortunately, there were moments of non-hellness which kept me from complete insanity. Escaping in books and looking out for my sister and, later my cousins, helped a lot too. But FML started really early for me. And repeated way too often.)


We had a large enough group that we needed at least a couple large tables. So almost everyone came in with my grandparents and sat with them, except my uncle J who came to sit with us. He's always fun to chat with.

Then my grandparents' friends came in so room was made by some people going to another table instead of ours. Most of them never said anything to us.
I went out of my way to talk to my aunt P as people started leaving. She made some weird comment about my Facebook being all photos of food.
Huh. I had no idea.
Because it's not true!
I had to check but it's been four months since I posted a food photo and that was when I posted photos of our garden bounty and what I made with it.
At least she hasn't unfriended me like my other aunt. True story. Can't make this shit up.
Later we went to my friend's party. I took food "just in case" and was assured I wouldn't need it. Her house is one of the most likely places I can eat, but they don't live my life so there are some misses. I grabbed like half the guacamole before it got contaminated with bagel chips or whatever those things were. I couldn't eat the soy sauce doused chicken though. I ate plenty throughout the evening so I can't complain. I'm just a PITA. Not a pita chip like they were using in the guacamole. Just a PITA.

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