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Monday, August 19, 2013

It's my birthday. Weekend.

I started my birthday weekend with a pedicure. Blue toenails in August--perfect.

We went to Nourish with Mick's family. With the exception of the Celiac among them, I think they kind of hate it. The service was pretty terrible--we were there over two hours--but I loved the food. And I got dessert. But the kids couldn't have soda so that wasn't a good start. He liked the burger and she liked the sweet potato fries. There was unhappiness and anxiety about the time everything took. My husband says the food is okay but he got something that had vegetables and seaweed in it so he said it's like eating at home but I haven't picked out the stuff he won't eat. Yeah, he doesn't like it because he wants to eat "bad" when he goes out.

I guess next time I'll take them somewhere more mainstream like Outback. Sigh.

Sunday, we went with friends to see 2 Guns--my boy Denzel! After, we went to Carrabbas. It's not open for lunch during the week but apparently it is on the weekend. They have a gluten free menu but not any g/f pasta. However, something rare happened: I can have the soup that's always on the menu. They just leave out the pasta.
YES, it was good!
Then I had salmon with salsa and veggies. And the veggies had a bunch of garlic (looks kind of like cheese, right? I was kinda freaking out but it really was garlic.) That's a pretty good lunch.
And they didn't skimp on the veggies.
Later, at home, I had a pint of ice cream to celebrate. I should NOT have done that.

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