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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Grocery Shopping--Enjoy your life much? edition

Last night, I went to Sprouts for double ad Wednesday. I got some awesomeness.

I had already gone to the Farmer's Market at lunchtime before going to the dentist, so some of the produce is from the farmers market and some from Sprouts.
veggies and fruit
NEW. Cooking spray. NO SOY!

I can't figure out the difference.

Can you?

Large size g/f nuggets
Litehouse freeze-dried Lemongrass
An alfredo sauce I can eat!
When I got to the meat department, I had to ask the guy there for something that was on sale that wasn't out. He was putting meatloaf out for sale and trying to talk everyone into getting one. Of course, I can't eat it for at least three reasons. So when he said something to me for the second time about it, I said I can't eat it. It has cheese on it. And he gives me that look. Like I have two heads. Sigh. I can't have cheese. And then he said...

"How do you enjoy life then?"

REALLY? I mean, I know my life is different and fucked up, but I can't enjoy life because I don't eat cheese? Are you fucking kidding me? Is this what it has come to--is this why "everyone" is fat? We aren't enjoying life unless we are stuffing our face with cheese? O. M. F. G.


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