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Monday, August 12, 2013

Lunch Mats

I know y'all think I'm paranoid, so I'd like to confirm that for you today.

At work, we have a small glass table in our kitchen. In case you want to visualize it, it has the pastel 80s colored desert pattern chairs and gold color base that originally came with it. The office manager is always upset about the state of the toaster oven, the microwave, people leaving stuff in the sink or putting stuff in the dishwasher incorrectly... Now that you have that picture...

Lots of people bring things to share so they put them on the table and people, well, they do what they do. When I go in there, I see crumbs.

There are plastic place mats in the middle of the table to help with keeping the glass clean. I have no idea how often or how well they get cleaned. So I've been using a large paper towel as my place mat. After washing the area of the table I'm going to use.

Or I avoid the kitchen and go out. But that's not a great solution.

So I'm trying this one. I got these Matooga place mats (see, I have found something useful on Pinterest!) that fold up and include napkins. I got two packs of 3 and they threw in a freebie so I have more than enough for each week. Then I can throw them in the wash and start over.
Mine in front; theirs in back
I hope my little investment will save me money eating out.

You think I'm paranoid, don't you? I haven't taken my own toaster oven supplies yet! (...yet...)

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