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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Low. And sick?

The more I need to do, the less motivated I am to get it done. Why? (I don't have any great insight; I'm just wondering.)

I made this mug pancake with sausage links for breakfast.  I don't think this can be an everyday meal. But this is a good, interesting way to have some oats in the morning.  I tried it yesterday with almond flour and it was okay but I liked the oats (ground up to flour) better.
Looks messy, tastes pretty good.
I slept with my eye mask upside down hoping it would keep my eyes closed. I think it may have but it was uncomfortable since the nose piece was in the wrong place. The tighter part of the mask was across my eyes so I thought that would help. I woke with my eyes hurting. Usually it's the left eye but the right eye is really bothering me today. I also realized as I was driving into work that my eyesight was very blurry. I got better as the day went on but I'm kind of freaked out. My right eye is in a lot of pain.

It was "smoothie" day at work. These girls do not have it figured out yet.

I had a doctor appointment with the naturopathic doctor. The students E and N asked a bunch of questions and Dr. H came in. My estrogen is in the range but a little high; my testosterone is definitely low. After our Q&A, back and forth, Dr. H prescribed nettle tea and a tincture of elderberry, licorice and a couple other things.

She also had E look for non hormonal ways to increase my testosterone. Among them or have more sex which is circular because you don't want to have sex when you have no testosterone. One of the suggestions is to weight/strength train which has been on my to do list for quite a while; I follow several paleo websites that include information about CrossFit or other weight training . I guess it's time to move forward, proceed, make a plan and do it. Who's with me?

Best of all? She claims I will "feel sexy" when we get my testosterone where it should be. Huh. We'll see about that.

Then I went to the eye specialist. He said I have a scratch on the bottom of my right cornea, which would explain the huge amount of pain I'm having. I also have a scratch on the top of the left cornea, but he said it was more like a "skinned knee" so not so much a scratch as my eye is totally fucked up. He really didn't explain why this happened except that I have Grave's disease and open my eyes in my sleep. He claimed I wasn't making it worse by wearing the eye mask.

So you are going to LOVE this. (That is in sarcasm font, right?)

He said I don't have to wear the eye mask unless I want to. Well, why would I want to wear an eye mask if I don't have, you might ask. Because I have to start taping my fucking eyes shut when I go to sleep. I am so not kidding.

I just had a doctor tell me I am going to feel sexier, and the next doctor tells me to tape. my. eyes. shut. when I go to bed. with my husband. Um yeah, I WILL be wearing an eye mask over this freak show.

And. Like that's not enough. I had to order the tape online because Walgreen's and CVS and Target and Walmart don't have it. (The doctor acted like I could just go out there and get it.) There may have been a woman who looked just like me who was crying in the aisle at one of those stores but I will not confirm or deny that.


I also went to a baking class at Nourish. It was "allergen" free--no wheat, soy, yeast, corn, eggs, dairy. I can have corn but still. It was more of a demo and tasting, not a hands-on learn how to bake. However, I learned a lot from Chef Dan. The downside is that they are still figuring out this baking stuff too, so some of the recipes tasted gluten-free. That means I wouldn't make them. But the millet cake, which was very cornbread like, was great and he served it with honey and coconut butter. I really like that idea. Although this was not a "sweet" cake, it was my favorite thing of the night.

Millet cake
The whole cake. Mmm, frosting.
Looks good!
The Chef
Spice cake, maple frosting

apple crisp

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