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Friday, February 1, 2013

Unsolicited advice, eh

I feel like I maybe look like a realtor in this suit. I wore it for a networking event. I originally wore it with a green scarf but later thought it was too close in color but not enough, so I changed.

with the green scarf
Are the tights and boots too much?

with the black and gray scarf
Yes, Teka likes to watch me take photos of my outfits.
At the networking event, I chatted with different groups of people. I had a glass of wine but avoided the food so I didn't have to ask about anything in the buffet.

Near the end, I chatted with a couple of ladies. As they were leaving, I checked in with one of my coworkers. And then one of the ladies was back, asking if she could talk to me. She proceeded to tell me that she had noticed my eye but only because she also has thyroid issues. I confirmed her suspicion and added that I recently had my thyroid out. She hoped (as I'd like to hope) that I wouldn't have to have surgery on my eye. And she said that acupuncture had really helped her, that I should look into it, they will put the needles right below the eye and it will help. I've had acupuncture at the college but I don't really know how to find someone to do the treatments I need.


  1. For the light skirt, I would wear nude color hose and nude shoes to make you look taller. I like the darker scarf as contrast. I would also suggest pink or purple, but hey, I always suggest pink or purple.

  2. So if I wanted to do boots, would I go brown? Or are you suggesting I not boot it? I don't think that I currently have nude shoes (my mental issues with these giant feet) but I have lighter colors...