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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Garden Update--Post-freeze edition

The man bought it for me at Costco.
the new rose--already making new growth!

from the other side--see the nice angle cuts

I need to cut it back more!

It's not dead, just a little freeze damaged.
Yeah, there's a ficus in the background that's all brown except for a little green at the bottom. Most of our trees were damaged by the extended freeze we had. But the arborist says they will probably come back, they are still alive.

pomegranate, fig, apple (happy about the cold!)

Pecan "tree" (can you say we were screwed over?)

the farm is ready for crops (walnut tree in foreground)

Shamel ash (loses leaves annually) with citrus trees in background

Mint--pineapple and orange (after weeding)

Second garden--parsely and collards in foreground
Those freaking green catepillars took out quite a few of my crops in this box. Yes, I neglected it through my surgery and illness and other life stressing but I hate those things. And earwigs. Ew. All of my kale had to come out to be composted as it was too damaged and stunted by the caterpillar attacks.

Chard and cilantro and a tiny sad lettuce
I had a giant weed in this box, where the empty hole is behind Bugs' ears. It seems to be the reason I have almost no lettuce growing. But the cilantro doesn't care about no stinking weeds!

Time to replant (celery transplants in middle)
I pulled that dill or fennel plant out and put it in a pot. I actually don't know what it is. Oops.

Strawberry fields "forever"
The tomatoes froze and have been pulled out. No one knows what happened to my artichoke. WTH.

Three herbs in a pot get planted. The end. No change for months.

Make that four. Sad tiny sage.

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