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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Grocery Oscars

Grocery shopping is hella hard work. I used to go to Albertson's a lot but it is inconvenient now, so I go when I'm out of things that I only find there. Primarily we're talking about things my husband eats like Taco Bell hot sauce and butter pecan syrup.

his goodies
On this Albertson's trip, I found these nominees for outstanding new (to me, and safe, too) grocery item:
  • several jars of Pico Bravo enchilada sauce on clearance
  • a jar of Casa Visto pizza sauce
  • Sun Flour Mills Pumpkin Cake mix (there was also a pastry flour!)
  • freeze dried jalapenos (I love Litehouse freeze dried herbs and aspire to make my own someday)
  • spicy brown mustard (the store brand was the cleanest!)
  • several canisters and boxes of tea bags on clearance
  • aluminum free baking powder
my goodies
But the winner for outstanding new grocery item goes to the Santa Cruz Organic Chocolate Syrup I found at Fresh and Easy (center of photo above). My new chocolate syrup makes me so happy. Shopping makes me exhausted.

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