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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is food malaise a thing?

It seems to be more frequent but maybe that's just how it appears when I'm in the middle of it.

I find myself going to lunch late because I'm either no really hungry or have no wish to decide what to eat and where.

I don't have leftovers to take for lunch (heated in the gross microwave in our nasty office kitchen, but that's another post for another time) because I'm sporadically cooking and not enough (or worse, not good enough) for another meal.

I hear advice to batch cook but I no longer have tried and true recipes; I'm disappointed in so many recipes that it doesn't seem worth the effort to make extra.

They say to menu plan. I just browse and save recipes but I'm not motivated to make them.

I should take a salad, but I'd have to have some cooked (leftover, since no one sells clean pre-cooked) chicken or something. All veggies doesn't do it for me. I like a salad with stuff, but I make salad with lettuce and barely anything else. It's so much prep work and then the prepped stuff doesn't last long (or needs extra prep steps to stay fresh). And don't forget that nutritional health advice to not eat raw veggies.

Salad with chicken and green ice tea
So I went to lunch after 1, at True Food. Because I'm feeling pretty good and I'd like to stay that way if possible. And it's good but I still have that underlying meh feeling about food. Eating. Now. Later. Planning. Ordering. Shopping. All of it.

I was unexpectedly invited to dinner at Durant's with some colleagues. I was VERY excited about the invitation and the group but not super-excited about the food since my memory of the last visit was that they made a bland special plate for me. An "A" for effort but not for execution. However, the waiter tonight seemed to really understand the ingredients and cooking processes used and was able to direct me to several steak and seafood options in addition to more than one vinaigrette for the salad. I had salmon with a mango sauce, steamed veggies, and a salad. And red wine. I thought it was all very good. The sauce made the fish and veggies better than expected. I would definitely consider a steak if there is a next time.

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