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Monday, February 11, 2013


I feel like I'm behind on everything. Okay, I think I always feel that way. I realized (that's not the right word but it's the one you get) that I have taken what I learned from Stephen Covey (Seven Habits of Highly Effective People or the audiobook/program Beyond the Seven Habits I just finished listening to*) and at least partially applied it to my to-do list but it doesn't help me with my drowning feeling.

I generally do 3 things personal and 3 things (or many more) professional on my list each workday. I've never quite got the hang of taking my projects and breaking them down into tasks except for the current task(s) I'm working on. A typical week might include a trip to the dry cleaner, library, pharmacy, pick a medical professional, get blood work, call to schedule or follow-up on things. The bank, the multiple grocery stores and other stores, gas station, taking the recycle from the office, and so on.

I went to Labcorp this morning for my thyroid bloodwork. I'll have to follow-up this week. Check one thing off, add another. It never gets shorter.

But if I put all my tasks on a list, I do many more personal tasks; those 3 are just the ones when I'm not home. I seriously don't understand how people get all this shit done. And there are so many more things I'd LIKE to do but don't even bother putting on the the list! Maybe I'm just having a moment because I feel bloated and fat. Or I really suck at prioritizing and time management.

*I thought it was meh. The content was an okay review but it was a recording of a (I'm guessing) half day seminar. It didn't add anything to the book and while the recording was fine, he sounded a little winded most of the time, which I found distracting. I still highly recommend the Seven Habits though.

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