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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vet visit

I got Cassi into the vet this afternoon. Dr Clinton looked at her lump on the butt/hip area, felt it was a fatty tumor (benign, she has others, can be removed if she is under anesthetic for something else) but it's deep enough that examining it or taking a biopsy will be difficult.

The eye was a little inflamed but mostly normal by then. (Like when you get to the mechanic and your car won't make "that" sound.) She said that the coming and going of the eye symptoms is not consistent with Horner syndrome, but without seeing it, she can't say that it is something else. We discussed next time, not giving the eye drops so maybe it won't go away so quickly, and getting Cassi into an ophthalmologist.

Teka also went for her rabies and parvo shots. I took them by my office briefly to socialize while I sent a fax.

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