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Friday, June 12, 2009

Trial day 5

Today started at 10 (after I went to pick up my car) and went till about 3:30. They had a lot of trouble getting blood from me, but the IV was still open. I had a lot of itching and welts throughout the day. My nose also hurts, like I ran into something kind of. The other participant had similar reactions. I was also lightheaded at the end when they were taking the last blood draw. I got the chills and was taken outside to walk and thaw. I am going in for blood draws 6 times in the next two weeks.

I left and went to get a Jamba Juice to help my upset stomach, then went home and went to sleep. I went scrapbooking; Heather drove since I'm popping Benadryls. I had welts everywhere, even my butt, but the itching finally subsided and I got some stuff done.

The researchers advised against going to any children's birthday parties for a while since my immune system was just rebooted. I should not eat sushi for a couple of months either. I hope my reboot works!

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