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Thursday, June 18, 2009


With all the "documentaries" and books about the food industry, agriculture and farming, the obesity "epidemic" and fast-food, I found this opinion article to be an interesting point of view.

The author essentially raises the issue: why are we making food a political issue when so many worldwide (yes, even in the USA) are going hungry? We have reached 1 billion worldwide that are not getting enough to eat. We live in a great country where we have the resources and freedom to eat what and how much we want and many of us (okay, most of us!) choose to eat things that we know we "shouldn't." Having said that, I'm more concerned with the amount of food we throw away and waste, for various reasons, notably large portion sizes at restaurants and purchasing groceries with good intentions but no plan. Rather than politicizing food, maybe more effort could be spent on wellness plans as part of the "overhaul" of the health care system.

Since I personally can afford to eat what I want to eat, I feel it is somewhat my duty to eat better quality food to help bring the prices down for others over time. Yes, I am idealistic, but one person does make a difference. :)

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