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Monday, June 8, 2009

First day of Trial

I got to the office at 9 a.m. and met the other person getting the treatment. Then Dr. Gitt did the exam and Elana started the process. She had a lot of trouble with my IV. The first one went in my left hand, and she took blood from it first. It clotted so she had to re-do the IV, so she tried another spot in the left hand and then in the right hand. Neither worked, so Dr. Gitt looked at it with her and recommended near my left wrist, while saying that if this didn't work, they would send me home and reschedule. (Panic!) It managed to work--whew! She started the steroid Solumethrethol (sp?) and when that was complete, then the Alumtuzumab. The steroid took about an hour and created a metallic taste in my mouth (yep, still got it.)

I was done around 4:00 and then they ran a little saline through. They left the needle in but disconnected me. Hopefully it can be used again tomorrow so they don't have to poke around again. They learned to take blood from the elbow pit where I have a better vein, but apparently I have small veins, and the elbow can't be used for IV because the arm can't be bent. I took some snacks for the day but really didn't eat lunch, so I tried to eat when I left but it tasted too weird. Also, I had a raging headache, probably about 2/3 of the day. I was trying to read for work, and it felt like that headache I get when I read in a car. When I got home, I went to bed with my headache and chills. I woke up a couple hours later feeling better and had a little dinner and talked to Christie.

Tomorrow should be slightly shorter as I don't have the doctor exam, but the rest is the same.

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