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Friday, May 31, 2013

Wedding shower

A lady at my office is about to get married. I met her fiancé recently when I was out with friends on Mill. We get along very well, might even say we're friends (or at least friendly and could be friends) but I'm not invited to the wedding. Some people are invited from her team. I say office politics. But her team put planned a surprise shower.

So my husband Mick and I checked out their Macy's registry and found some nice Mikasa beer glasses. 4 for $40. Gulp. So I went to Total Wine and got a 6 pack of beer glasses for $20. They loved it and it got passed around! I mentioned it isn't the one on their registry because "we" thought these were "better" and they said they expect to learn from the masters. That's right young'uns, we'll show you how it's done.

Yes, I think I should have another, thanks.
I knew there would be cake and ice cream, so I went to the gluten-free bakery (Gluten Free Creations) at lunch and got some peanut butter cocoa cupcakes. So. Amazing. Some day, I'll bake yummy/pretty too. Some day.

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