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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Palm Springs Travel notes

I drove to Palm Springs for a conference. I wasn't sure I had time to stop for lunch, so I had a snack bar thing. I was hungry so I was relieved when I was able to check into my room. I was not as relieved when I realized I hadn't brought a spoon for my yogurt. So I used two coffee stirrers as chopsticks. Weird but effective enough. There was one more for my coffee--I brought a carton of So Delicious vanilla coconut milk creamer. I saved half of my yogurt for my final breakfast.
Day 1; lunch from home
Based on the email correspondence, I searched out the chef and was assured he would bring me something. This meal was fantastic. It was the best one of the trip. The salad was a great mix and the gluten free pasta and salmon was yummy.
Day 1; dinner 1

The next day, I found someone to ask about breakfast. They brought me g/f granola with berries. I also had a green juice and coffee. I used my creamer for the coffee and granola. This was a great breakfast. I had the same thing the next day but orange juice instead of green juice. (And the staff was a little less excited to help me the second morning, but then they did anyway.)

Day 2; breakfast 1
This is the green juice signage. Is it weird I took a photo?

For lunch, they had a bunch of g/f box lunches but they were sandwiches made on g/f bread so they had to make a new one for me. Yep, I felt like a PITA. But it was worth it. The chicken was moist and yummy with tomato and avocado. The fruit was a good side; there was also an apple. I should have brought my chips. I had some as a snack in my room later. They are Garden of Eatin Pico de Gallo. All I can say is that they are amazing. Comparable to Doritos. But expensive. Small bag. I guess that's good cause I ate that whole bag on my trip (finished in the car ride home.) Crack, I'm telling you. Don't buy them. :)
Day 2; lunch 1
For dinner, I had steak and broccoli and salad. The people at my table were amused that I took a photo and sent me photos of me taking photos. I knew a couple of the guys but a guy I'd just met was one of those people who somewhat aggressively suggests that I'm getting something better and why can't he have some. I hate that. Y'all got an entire buffet and now you're eating cannolis and cheesecake and you want my lemon sorbet? (It was the only dessert I was offered the entire time.) WTF dude, get off my awesomesauce food.
Day 2; dinner 2
So silly.
The next day's lunch was kind of weird. It was a stack of sandwich meat with tomatoes in lettuce. And an apple on the side. It wasn't terrible but...I was happier about the photos my husband sent of my new bedroom rug--the finishing touch.
Day 3; lunch 2
Aw, my babies have a new rug.
The final dinner was a lamb chop and broccoli. Okay, that lamb chop was amazing. But I didn't feel like I ate a lot. I'm looking at my meals and thinking I ate mostly Paleo. The non-Paleo snacks I had were what kept me feeling satisfied.
Day 3; dinner 3

Final view

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