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Monday, May 13, 2013

Tryst Cafe

I went to my monthly monitoring appointment for the drug trial. Next month, I have the long appointment, when I see the researcher and both neurologists. It's also time for my MRI.

I decided to have lunch at Tryst Cafe. I saw them at the Gluten-free expo and had someone tell me about them. The service and the green tea was very good.
say yes to spring rolls
I started with the spring rolls with chili sauce (no soy). They were pretty good but not enough to call it lunch. After some discussion, I decided on a salad with no cheese since the only side I could get with the bunless (for me) sandwiches was a salad. There is not a dedicated fryer for g/f fries.

The salad came with oil and vinegar and lemon because they use soybean oil in their dressings. The candied walnuts were on the side because she wasn't sure about the caramel they use to candy the nuts. Um what? Yeah, they make their own candied walnuts but use caramel instead of sugar. I didn't eat them.

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