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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The protective glove only works when you wear it.

This morning, we went bowling with our bowling friends, except the sick one.  My legs (front, above the knees) are killing me from yesterday's workout.  I wasn't feeling well last night, at all, but was feeling better-ish this morning.  I was able to empty out after a couple games, and felt better but then my thumb started doing something weird and new--it's like a sharp pain, almost a throb, totally random.  It was one of the worst bowling days I've had in quite a while.

We went to Royal Jasmine for some Thai food and I tried the red curry chicken, medium spice.  It was scrumptious and spicier than I expected.  I stuffed myself and took the extra rice and sauce home.

We went home and Mick showed me the compost--we're switching to the second bin again--and the farm plot. I was so tired, so I went to watch TV and took a nap for a couple hours.  I was concerned that it was getting late and I wanted to do some gardening, so I headed out.  It was getting dark before I was really done.  I felt kind of shaky and exhausted and headed in to get my veggies ready for roasting.

I couldn't believe how late it was already and how much work I had left to do before I could roast the veggies.  On top of that, I didn't really have anything else to make for dinner, so I knew that he would want something I wasn't making.

Then he told me to shut the window in the dog room; he had opened it because it "still smelled like shit."  I thought maybe I had missed something when I cleaned up, so I started moving the kennel out and realized there was more poop in the kennel.  She had another accident after I had cleaned up the previous accident.  I felt terrible that she had been in her kennel with poop.  I put her bedding in the wash and cleaned up to get the vegetables in the oven before finishing the kennel cleanup.

I thought I could use the mandolin for some of the slicing but started with a hard carrot and sliced my thumb pretty badly.  *shit*  I actually thought, as I was starting to move the carrot, that I should put my protective glove on.  But I didn't.  And then I was bleeding.  And he had to stop playing long enough to bandage me.

After I was well bandaged, I resumed my cooking and cleaning duties.  I don't think he liked the outcome, but I loved the roasted veggies, especially the broccoli and the garlic.


  1. Hee hee. I wonder how many times I'll remember the glove too. I'm going to put it right on top of the knife block in hopes I'll always use it. Hope you didn't slice your humb too badly.

  2. No, my thumb will be fine, but it hurts and I have to keep a bandaid on it so I don't catch it on anything. I cut through the nail, it's so weird.