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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Agility class

We had a course tonight and both Cassi and Teka had fun running it with me.  It started with a jump around to a second jump to a tire with a sharp left turn to a teeter--I rear crossed between the tire and the teeter.  Cassi's teeter was pretty slow but I went all the way to the end and waited for her and she made it.  Next, we took a sharp left over a panel jump and "out" to the right to the tunnel under the dog walk.  I didn't even have to say tunnel for either of them, just "out" and they took it.  Coming out of the tunnel right next to the end of the dog walk, they ran the dog walk.  My instructor, J, later told me that I could wait at the first end of the tunnel instead of babysitting the end of the dog walk--they will do it.

After the dog walk, I sent them to the left end of the tunnel, coming out nearly lined up for the weaves.  They both missed and had to redo one try--Cassi looked like she hit her foot on the bottom bar of the weaves, and Teka just skipped one, maybe because of a similar issue as it was around the same place.  They both did the weaves well after that.  Then we took a right turn to the table.  Coming off the table, they took a jump, then I sent them out to the next jump (the starting jump) and around over the second jump.  Teka missed that out jump the first time but only because she was distracted by her leash on the ground.

Next was the A-frame and I tried a front cross once and a rear cross once.  From the A-frame was a sharp left to a double jump, sharp left to a chute.  I wasn't sure how to handle it, but I gave them the room to do it, and they stayed out long enough to come over the next jump.  Then I sent out for the next jump, then the triple, then "here" over the last jump.

J thinks Teka (and Cassi) can do well at the trial but she's concerned about the heat.  Well, me too!

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