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Monday, April 30, 2012

Bras and curry.

You might wonder how bras and curry go together.  You're so silly!  Of course they don't go together!

Today was our soup throwdown at work, and my soup was very popular so I had none to bring home for dinner.  That's okay; it would have sat in the car for a couple hours--ew.  When I left work, I headed to the mall to use my Victoria's Secret coupons that expire today.  I asked to be measured and she said 34C, that 32D would work but might feel tight.  So I tried on a bunch of styles and found a few that I liked and happened to be on the 2 for just less than $50 discount.  I bought four and they let me use 2 coupons, and get a free hiphugger, so I spent under $100 and I have enough bras to get through a week now.

When I left the mall, a guy called to me because he saw my bag.  He gave me a $10 gift card that he wasn't going to use (got it with his "friend" who he wasn't friends with anymore) so I went back in to see if there was something I had to have that I hadn't bought yet.  Unfortunately, this store did not have the undies I like (have they been discontinued?) and I didn't want to buy another bra yet until I've had time to see how these feel at the end of the day.  So I gave it to a couple that was just getting into line.  I was so tired; I just wanted to go home.

When I got home, it was late and I was hungry.  (Get outta my way!)  I decided to start some rice while I found a curry recipe (Paleo, but I had it with rice--not Paleo) I had saved in Evernote.  I made it with chicken (added near the end since it was already cooked) instead of shrimp, and more peas since I didn't have spinach.  It turned out pretty good (and leftovers!) but I would leave the celery out, and maybe the peas too, and definitely would add some sirachi next time.  It wasn't as soupy as I expected, so I may have used too much of everything, or maybe I just needed to add more liquid.  It was actually very easy and makes me excited that I can create my own simmer sauces with a little experimentation.

What follows isn't my story, but I'm just amazed at how much more education is needed...

Gluten free headscratch of the day: Went to La Grande Orange for breakfast with a friend. After ordering coffee, I saw the sign in the bakery display saying gluten-free cookies. I asked about them and the girl said they are really good and gluten free. I asked if they were the chocolate chip looking ones. "No, the gluten free cookies are under those." "So, you stack the gluten cookies on top of the gluten-free cookies?" "Sure," she answered, "but only for a little while, so they're fine."  I had already decided not to get any since they were all in the same display case, but that sure sealed the deal. Education is key...

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