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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Indoor composter

It's here! I got a Naturemill indoor composter. A guy I work with thought he was being funny and sent me an email that was having a deal on them. This has been on my wishlist for a while but I couldn't see spending the money. With the $150 off, we decided it was a great deal.

I looked at reviews online. The comments on woot and wired were informative, entertaining, and perplexing. I have had an outdoor compost bin for about a year and it is so NOT working. I know I don't turn it often enough and I can't keep it wet enough either. (I am not lazy like one guy implied; I live in the desert.) I like that I can actually put more stuff (like meat/fish) in the indoor composter than the outdoor bin. I know it is an odd, expensive purchase but I think it will be extremely useful.

I'm reading the book before I start using it. I'm wondering if I should wait to start it until I know if we're moving. It might be messy to move. Maybe not. I'll decide after we look at houses Saturday. (exciting, stressful, hot...) I'm thinking of naming my composter Oscar. Unless I think of something better.

Our neighbors moved today. Boo! :(

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