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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anger Management

Whether implosive or explosive, most of us could handle anger better. Here are the steps and an interesting idea:

Clear the air.

Express your rage safely, and as soon as you can.

Don't store it up as resentment.

Respect yourself and others.

Stand your ground and ask for exactly what you want.

Don't expect other people to be mind readers.

Find the true target of your anger.

Take responsibility for your own life and happiness.

Practice clean anger, without putting the blame on the other person.

Practice deep breathing: Press one nostril with index finger; inhale slowly from the other; hold breath for 10 seconds; exhale from the other nostril. Repeat 10 times, with both the nostrils.

Take a very large sheet of paper and pin it securely to a large drawing board or table. Now select two wax crayons. (It was interesting how I chose red colors). Take one crayon in each hand and closing your eyes scribble on the paper until your hand wants to stop. Now open your eyes and see. This is the map of your anger!
If you keep it beside your bed or desk, it would go on reminding you that your anger is out there, and is no longer trapped inside you.

Another option is to imagine yourself coming down a stone staircase leading down a mountain.
With each descending step, you are getting closer to your normal state.

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