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Sunday, August 23, 2009

House Hunting 8/23

Looked at houses in the Northwest Valley--mostly north of 101, west of I17, except the first, just north of us. Lot was too small, house was okay, bathrooms not upgraded, kitchen was very nice. Interesting window by front door.
Next was a house on a hill with a fireplace in the front patio courtyard. House backed up to preserve but lot was too small and open.
Then we checked out a house down the road from G and R, friends of Mike's dad. It had a large basement and a large lot but needed a LOT of work. It had a brown bathtub.
We quickly checked out a nearby house that smelled OLD. The layout was all wrong. The back courtyard was breezy and cool, and the front had a diamond shaped walkway path with two mature palo verde trees at opposite sides.
The next house was an entertaining house, but the lot was too small. They had artificial grass in the front and back. The pool table room was interesting, with a small wet bar and a mural in a shallow niche. It had nice stonework throughout the house. It had a wall of cabinets plus a walk in pantry size room in the garage.
The next house was very nice, great wet bar near the entrance, room for a pool table and piano, nice kitchen with gas stove, and the most amazing pool we've seen. Unfortunately, small lot, close neighbors.
Next, a house with a neighborhood playground across the street. I wanted to like this house but it had too many step up, step downs throughout the house. And it had gas running to it but an electric stove and fireplace. There was an office off of the living room--I liked this and Mike didn't. The loft had beautiful built in cabinets, but windows rather than a door to a wasted opportunity for a balcony patio. There's just a runoff for the patio below. The pool was very standard and right in the middle of the lot, so the slightly larger lot was wasted. Preserve behind.

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