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Saturday, August 8, 2009

House Hunting 8/8

Off to Laveen to start our search for a larger lot. The issue with several of these properties is the lack of usable yard space due to washes. Most had nice cabinetry, granite, tile work with mosaics in the entry, nickel or rubbed bronze fixtures. One had a long deep back patio.

The house that brought us to Laveen had this amazing tile work, using tile that looks like wood with stone look tile. However, the house was built on a wash that they rerouted around the back yard, which included a "pool" also known as a hole in the ground. The kitchen was beautiful but the layout was odd; the fridge was technically in the dining room; they should have swapped the pantry and fridge or something.One of the older properties we saw had a very large lot but too much work. It had a covered swimming pool, did not have a block fence and had a couple of dogs next door that I would guess are Dogue de Bordeaux, not a common breed but related to the bull mastiff.

We saw a baby bunny at the last house we visited.

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