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Friday, August 21, 2009

Charitable Giving

I found this article recently in the Washington Post ?How to Be Routinely Charitable.

On the surface, it sounds like some good advice, but as always, buyer beware.

Working Assets ( does not allow you to determine what they support. The organizations they are supporting are listed at and while there are some you and I may support, there are many you may not want to support with your dollars.

The GivingExpress Program ( allows American Express cardholders to make donations to a charity of their choice through automatic donations, redeeming Rewards, etc. And just in case you were worried too much of your donation would go to the cause you want, 2.25% is deducted for processing costs, although the full amount is tax deductible.

That's the bad, here's the better...

For online shopping, iGive ( will donate a portion of the sales to the charity of your choice. It seems pretty flexible, lots of choices.

And try out GoodSearch (, which gives a portion of proceeds to your charity and has discounts at many retailers.

And perhaps the best and least used:

Frequent flier miles can be donated to Make a Wish or the Red Cross.

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