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Monday, August 17, 2009

Cassi's fatty tumors

Cassi has had a skin tag under her armpit that was hanging down, unlike most fatty tumors that are just under the skin. (Fatty tumors are very common in Weimaraners.) She has developed some of those under the skin also, but the one that is hanging, I have had the vet look at a couple of times in the past year. It wasn't bothering her, so we decided to monitor.

Last week, when I was scheduling Teka's visit, I decided to have Cassi go in too so they could look at it. I thought it looked worse. Originally, it looked like her fur, just hanging down. By last week, it was almost smooth, with very little fur left on it, just tufts sticking out. After making the appointment, it got worse. Friday, it was red for the first time. Saturday (while we were up north) it started to bother her. She was licking it. We figured out that it was leaking, something like pus and blood, and it was round and hard. So Monday, I called the vet's office first thing and they said to bring her in. They took her and cut off 7 fatty tumors. That hanging part was sent to make sure it is benign.

I picked Cassi up at lunchtime and took her home. She is pitiful; she looks like she was attacked. She had a really hard time with the anesthesia I think--she could barely walk last night. She is better today, starting to eat, drink, potty.

Dr. Ferrara also looked at her ears to see if there was anything that would cause Horner's but didn't find anything. We will not pursue further tests unless she has more symptoms. He cleaned her teeth and said they were very good, just a little tartar in the back.

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