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Monday, October 6, 2014

Sick days

Yeah, I caught something at the office. When I went home sick on Thursday, I stopped at True Food to pick up some curry for lunch (because who wants to cook when they're sick, and it's even harder for me) and some juice.
Beets and carrots
I've been out for a couple days plus the weekend so I went to the doctor. I got into a room pretty quick and then had to wait forever for the doctor. She told me to stay home another day and gave me some antibiotics.

I bought some cough drops for the night, when it's the worst. These are gluten-free. And weird. Not good. Not effective for how I use them at night--they aren't hard, but more gummy although you aren't supposed to chew them either. I guess I'll stick with the Ricola drops although I think they might not really agree with me.
I have slept so much; I'm going to have trouble going back to work.

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