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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Octoberfest 2014

We had a larger group for Octoberfest this year, so in addition to my FIL driving us, dropping us off, and picking us up, we had a second driver, our friend M who lives near us and doesn't drink. And apparently is SO nice--who doesn't drink and then spends his Saturday driving drunks?
This coaster gets a big glass mug!
Someone backed out last minute so my cousin came with us. Mick wanted to be there early so it was a little bit of a slow start but we had a blast.
R bought shots. Of course.
There were lots of "saved" seats and a lot of them never filled up. We liked the signs.

I go both ways. Or do I?
I knew I wouldn't be able to eat anything or drink the beer so I brought chili, cornbread, Tito's and lemonade.
Suns Cheerleaders
Most of the group spent the night. R made breakfast. The person who had backed out of going was also supposed to go to the Cardinals game with R and his girl, so Mick was able to go instead. And I was able to spend the day relaxing.

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