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Sunday, October 19, 2014

My life

Today's hike was at one of my favorite trails at Thunderbird Park. My friend B came from the other end of town and he was even early. M meet us at my house and he was just a little early too.

We headed north and met my friend/coworker J with her little dogs. My friend R who I know through B was supposed to meet us but overslept.

I forgot that we are perhaps not really in shape for this hike yet. At the end, B called it easy and M later called it fun but I thought he might not make it when we were on the ascent. B has a manual job; that's all the exercise he gets. M has a sedentary job and gets no exercise. I have a sedentary job but I get some exercise!

I offered to make waffles so we all headed to my house but made a stop at the grocery store first so B could use the restroom and J could get strawberries. M and I stayed in the car and waited. When they returned, J had a package of Reese's peanut butter cups and was handing them out. When I said I couldn't have it, her reaction and B's reaction....I forget how people are sometimes. I'm more prepared when it's not friends but I forget that some of my friends aren't around all the time for these things. B made some comment about how much my life sucks and for just a moment, I felt like I was going to fall apart. Yeah, if fucking sucks. But it's the only life I have. I think I covered it up okay for J and B; I just tried to jokingly say FML, yeah it sucks. But it didn't get past M. I don't think he gets it but he knew it upset me. My cover is blown!

Back at my house, I made waffles and bacon. I'm not sure if B liked them or not but J did and M said he was surprised but the waffles were "amazing." YES! There are a lot of things I still don't know how to make in a way that I'd serve it to regular people but I think I've got the waffles covered.

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