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Monday, June 2, 2014

Flower Child

A coworker sent me an email about a new restaurant that opened near our office. It is owned by the same group as True Food, which I love. So I put it on my list.
Flower Child is cute and kinda loud. If the weather was cooler, the outside seating would have a lot of appeal. When youenter,  you order and pay, and are assigned a table. There is also a take out line.
While I waited in line, I was offered a sample of the seasonal lemonade, cucumber mint. They use real sugar, people. It is good.
They were very busy and the hostess let people on front of me know they would have a little wait for a table and to place their order. She asked if I would want to sit at the bar which was fine so she pulled me out of line and brought me to a cashier. I felt like I was cutting! So naughty!
The cashier was good with my questions. I had narrowed it down so she didn't have to check on everything. I decided on a mix and match.
The chicken is marinated in grapeseed oil, herbs and garlic. The chicken was very good.
She checked that the bok choy and sweet potato specifically did not have soy in the chili glaze and it, like the other items, did not. The sweet potatoes are fantastic.
The roasted vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots. I'm not a huge fan of cooked carrots but these black, fry shaped carrots were the best I've had. The rest was normal rotated veggies.
The beet, avocado, and citrus had a little crunchy lettuce greens mixed in. I really liked the combination of the golden beets and avocado.
Flower Child lunch
Overall it was a good meal. I think it could be less expensive for the amount of food (or more food for the price) but I would definitely come here again to try more items.

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