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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Almost done

I had my final visit with the eye doctor who did my surgery.
My primary concerns at this point were that I can see a stitch in the corner of my eye, I still have a little inflammation, and my eyelashes point down.
My last questions were if I can wear makeup, go swimming, stop wearing gel and an eye mask at night, and if I will be able to wear contacts again.
Yes, as soon as that last inflammation is gone, I can wear makeup. I can start using an eyelash curler since my eyelashes point down (and that won't change--boo.)
He tried taking the stitches out that aren't dissolving but they are flaking apart so I have to use a hot compress and wait for them to come out.
Not identical but so much better. (post-curling)
For the most part, he says, yes, I can do all those things. Except the contacts--he said wait until the cooler weather in the fall and then see my normal eye doctor to decide. They may have me do a trial period before making a final decision and he didn't want me to do it during the summer as that could set me up for failure. Hmm.
I'm grateful that things are better, that I can see, but I can't gloss over this...
It totally f-ing sucks that I have to go through two years of waiting and dealing with the effects of Graves disease and still have to look at myself. EVERY. DAMN. DAY. For the rest of my life, and see what these diseases have dealt me. Little things that maybe other people won't notice but will always be issues for me. The permanence is disheartening.

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