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Thursday, January 30, 2014

More predictions for this year!

Today, the eye specialist had news for me. He measured from the outside edges of my eyes and said it has decreased from 19 to 18. He said that was a good sign.

April will be the two year mark for this Graves disease so he thinks it has run is course. He wants to see me in April to be sure and we will probably be scheduling surgery at that point.

The surgery is outpatient but I would need to stay home at least one day after. He will cut my eyelid and kind of stretch out the tendon until the eyelid covets the top of my eyeball like it's supposed to.

Although any surgery, and especially anything around me eyes, makes me nervous, I am a little excited to get something fixed. Finally. I hope, though he can't guarantee, that my eyes won't feel so tired and worn out constantly anymore.

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