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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Over committed. Or just another weekend.

Originally, I had committed to two things this weekend. One, I would go hiking on the east side of the valley with my friend R so we could see my friend B who I rarely get to see. Two, I would go to my college days church with my friend J and her family; the church was celebrating 50 years. That should leave me some time and energy to get stuff done, right? Uh-huh. Right.

Then a cousin died at age 39 from a heart attack or something; I hear previous drug use as a possible contributing factor. And another cousin graduated from college and was having a party. I thought that was gong to be a full weekend but it's family stuff, what could I do.

So the graduation party was not a dinner party as I thought. In fact, as I looked for the location on the invite, I realized it wasn't even a family thing. I was literally the only family invited. Wow, that was unexpected. How did that happen? So we went for a drink and I met her friends. Yeah, I don't know any of her friends. That's why I thought how did that happen... We aren't close but we see each other on most holidays. Anyway, I felt privileged and honored that she invited me.
tequila and lime juice
Mick and I left to find dinner and Tasty Thai was waking distance so we headed there. I was pretty happy with it. The waitress said everything was house made except the oyster sauce so they would leave it out of my red curry. It was very good.
Chicken curry

Mick wanted to get dessert so I asked and found out I could have the sticky rice. She recommended it and it came with (jackfruit?) since mangoes are not in season. The fruit tasted and felt a lot like mangoes but it smells terrible. The rice was amazing.
The next morning, I met my friend R and we drove across the valley to B's house and then out for our hike.

After our hike, we picked up B's daughter and went to lunch. It was, for all of us I think, a bit frustrating trying to find somewhere I could eat. No Smashburger for me...

We went to Chipotle. I haven't been since my allergies were diagnosed. They have recently made improvements to their menu, removing soybean oil from a lot of items, so it is actually a place I can eat now. It was a crazy, awesome, and kind of embarrassing experience. When I explained my allergies, the first guy in the assembly line told the lady next to him. She asked me about everything I wanted in my bowl and she took the serving spoons out of all those items. She got clean utensils and put together my bowl. I couldn't remember if the guac was safe and the place was busy and I felt like I was holding the line up so I didn't get it but check out my lunch!
rice, beans, carnitas, salsa
On Sunday, I met my friend J for church. I didn't really know many people like she did but I came while I was in college and mostly to the evening services. There was a lunch after which I wasn't planning to eat anyway, but I was able to eat some Lay's chips. And I had a Larabar with me.

That was all exhausting so I went home and did more stuff. Then I made pizza for myself and topped it with peppers and tomatoes from the garden, olives, and some homemade sausage and "ricotta" from Food for Humans.

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