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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I went to the farmers market on my lunch break and got some goodies, but the most important discovery was that the JH Ranch guy now sells bone broth. It's supposed to be super good for digestive issues such as I tried making it but not with much success.

After I was done, I realized that Baby Kay's (where I can't eat anymore but it was SO good) is no longer there. It was replaced by Grassroots. It seemed like a healthier version of Cajun food. The staff seemed knowledgeable about the menu and modifications for allergies so that was a good sign.

There was more modification than I was hoping would be necessary so that I could eat but the waitress helped me choose the trout and collards. It was very good and well seasoned. The collards had cabbage mixed in and it was garlicky, both of which I really liked.
That's Paleo. Whole30 compliant even!
It was kind of expensive. Since it takes some modification for me to eat here, I would probably reserve this for work lunches--when I know who I'm going to lunch with.
For dinner, I made "fried" chicken with penne and "cheese" and roasted veggies. The chicken was great, the rest was good.

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