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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring cleaning - Closet edition

My work environment has an interesting dress code. We wear business professional during the winter, October to May, and business casual during the summer, May to October. Additionally, we can wear jeans on Mondays (not Fridays) throughout the year.

When I lost all that weight after my food allergy and thyroid diagnoses! I had to buy clothes, especially for work, as I went down the scale. I went all the way down to 140, which is a size 6 or a small 8 for me. I didn't stay there long and headed back up the scale.

When I got up to 170 (not where I want to be, but, hey, this is where I'm at), I found myself at a size 10.  I have a closet full of clothes at varying sizes, but I could not find anything in a 10. Nothing. Well, I have some stuff that can go a couple sizes, like sweaters and Tshirts that are more fitted now!

And it was time to start dressing professionally. Huh. So I went to a couple of consignment shops to get a few slacks and jackets and ordered some dresses and cardigans online. I am reluctant to go all out because I don't want to stay at this size. On the other hand, I don't see my size changing and I like to find things that make me feel not-bloated.

A month or two ago, I remembered that my MIL had kindly given me a couple pairs of her size 10 pants when I went down the scale, and I had given them back to her when they got too big. It was weird, remembering that after several months of this nagging feeling I was forgetting something. I even talked to a few people thinking it would jog my memory. But that information had fallen into one of those holes in my brain...

Because of the multiple sizes of clothing in my closet, I'm having trouble finding an actual outfit to wear sometimes, so I I thought I should clean out my closet. There are a half dozen (at least) boxes in my closet, for Goodwill primarily, although some was just stuff that was too small I had pulled out already.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the second box and it was size 10 and some smaller size 12s. Doh. Yep, I boxed everything up and...Forgot. It. Existed. Ever. The next box was my suits! O.M.G. I have a wardrobe. Winter and summer. It needs some supplementary pieces, mostly tops, but I feel like I have an actual wardrobe now!

I'm just trying to understand was the memory of those clothes, those boxes, the packing of those was that all just GONE from my brain? I'm so perplexed. I'm sure it's my MS, although I try not to blame things on MS when I can find any other possibility. But what...what other explanation can I find?

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