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Friday, January 10, 2014

Doggie Anxiety

Our Vizsla Teka has been an anxious dog for a long time, but she always loved going in her kennel. She would finish her morning routine and go lay in her kennel waiting for her treat before we left for the day. She would get nervous about something and go hide in there.

Not long ago, Teka didn't want to go in and I figured out that the smell I was trying to clean up but couldn't find was pee from Cassi on the rug in front of the doggie door. After I threw it out, Teka went back to being her normal self.

Then very recently, she didn't want to go in the kennel anymore. She pulled the kennel cover through and chewed it. Then again. Then through the top and destroyed a wicker basket on top of the kennel. And chewed through a cord running behind the kennel. (It was a little cord for the electric collar remote.)

Then I came home and she wasn't in her kennel. Of course, Cassi wasn't either. She doesn't have a kennel but a playpen, and it's attached to the kennel but nothing on the other end so she has taken to pushing it open. We keep the door to the room closed so she doesn't get that much additional freedom but I keep asking for a more permanent fix.

So Mick was sure I just didn't put Teka in her kennel, that there was no way she could have gotten out, but I actually had a very clear memory of putting her in the kennel that day. It sounded like it happened again to either Mick or his dad but the details were relayed to me somewhat fuzzy. So Mick just left them both in the playpen/open kennel area.

And we went to a meeting. We talked about how Teka was limping around--her toe was swollen and we thought it was from trying to get out of her kennel. She was outside one day and came running/hobbling up to me squealing like crazy until Mick yelled at her to settle down.

And we discussed during our drive how that may not have been a good idea to leave them together. But they were fine when we got home, although Cassi had pushed the pen open so they were both right next to the door.

But Cassi was not fine. About a half hour after coming home, I found a giant hole/gash in her leg. Teka fucking bit Cassi. We decided against the emergency vet but we weren't sure if she'd need stitches. So he took the day off and took them both to the vet.

Teka's toe is jammed but not broken, so she gets some pain medicine. And the vet recommended Prozac for long-term anxiety use. Mick isn't on board yet but I think she needs it. An "alternative" recommendation is Valerian, an herbal supplement for anxiety.

Teka also vomited up her last two meals so they recommended 20 mg Pepcid for a few days and something about pancreas testing. (This is from my terrible notes--I'm pretty sure the recommendation was for Teka but I don't remember the details that came at me fast and furious. We do not have Pepcid...)

Cassi got sutures for her wound and has to wear a cone for about 10 days when she can get her stitches out. She also got pain medication and antibiotics.

The vet also found a heart murmur. Cassi has ventricular premature contraction; she is on the highest side of the normal range. The vet recommended an anti-arrhythmic medication and then she will have to see the cardiologist.

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