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Saturday, September 12, 2009


I finally watched a Michael Moore movie. I know I went into it skeptical, and of course, I may have a different perspective than many. However, he did NOT sell me on his opinion, and trust me, that "documentary" was his opinion. He wants to show the worst cases in the US and then show the easier cases in other countries. He doesn't ask about so many things that he should but thinks he is making his case anyway.

I'm not saying he's completely wrong; I'm sure if I could stomach watching it again, I would find something I agreed with. But, I don't think of Mr. Moore when I consider preventive care!

By comparing someone who lost his fingertips to someone who cut off his fingers and had them reattached, I feel he loses credibility. I knew someone who cut off a fingertip; who wants to go through getting that tiny flap of skin sewn on rather than stitched up? Maybe I'm naive; well, we know I am, but...

And then to show that insurance companies in the US don't cover experimental treatments but not show that other countries make similar decisions is irresponsible. Many countries do not provide certain medications for MS because they are "experimental" although they have been used for years for that purpose. Or they aren't approved because they are not a cure or do not treat a specific symptom. Don't worry that the medication can slow MS progression....

And the whole thing with drugs in Cuba being VERY cheap compared to the US--first of all, don't they get their supplies from China, the country that's trying to kill us, our children and our pets? Secondly, when are we going to stop letting pharmaceuticals advertise? Oh, wait, they lobby, we can't. There you go, there's something where I agree with Mr. Moore.

This morning, after seeing this movie last night, I stopped to get gas. At every pump, there was a sign of either a donut or a breakfast sandwich on a pretzel. Mr. Moore wants to point out how everyone else lives longer than us, and wants to attribute it to their superior health care coverage. I think that is so misplaced. It is obviously more to do about out advertising and lifestyle. Sure the French eat, but they also live a more active life and eat differently than we do. They savor their meals and drinks; we eat in our cars and in front of the TV, which is blasting us with photos of Blizzards and Double Whoppers. I don't think that has anything to do with the way health care is paid for. The closest I can come to agreement on this issue is that their government paid for vacations and lighter work weeks probably give them less stress, thereby decreasing health issues.

He also discounts the many sources of national and state health care systems already in place. No one (including illegal immigrants) gets turned away at the ER; that's why there is a long wait for non-critical care. Low income earners in every state have assistance available. In addition, there are low cost clinics in every state of the nation. Mr. Moore should spend a little more time educating people how to get the available resources and a little less telling us how bad we have it.

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