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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So last week, we put an offer on a Litchfield Park short sale property. Today we got the acceptance with some modifications. Several items do not convey: the refrigerator (which wasn't in the kitchen anyway), the water softener (we have an almost brand new one), the projector and screen (duh), the drapes (thank God), and the ceiling fan in the loft (the only one in the house, except for the one in the garage).

Of some concern (more for Mike than me) is that it is not on sewer; it is septic. It's really only a concern because neither of us has experience with it. However, I have heard it is better for the environment. I will have to train our friends after I figure it out, but there might be no garbage disposal, but I HATE garbage disposals anyway--I think they are SO disgusting, so I'm not too sad. But I guess you have to have a truck out every 3-5 years to take care of the tank. The seller has to have it serviced before we close, so he has to take his shit with him. :)

Assuming the bank approves the sale, we are moving west, ya'll! My fortune cookie told me that I would win! Oh, so much to do, to plan, to figure out. You know that almost all HOAs have rules against solar panels. I think we may have to break that one. Eventually, I think they will be overruled, like the rule a lot of them have about antennas. The FAA says they can't tell you that you can't have access to broadcast TV. Anyway, we've got some planning to do.

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