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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Agility Class

Teka's class did three exercises for distance. First we had a jump, tunnel, jump, teeter. The teeter and tunnel were parallel, so they start over a jump to the tunnel, I stay on the far side of the teeter, she goes over the other jump and then up the teeter. I had to stay on the near side of the teeter so that Teka would go in the tunnel but she did well. We did this for Cassi's class too but did it the opposite way also, so we stayed on the far side of the tunnel while they do the teeter. I didn't do that for Cassi since she has teeter issues. (I was able to take her on it about 10 times at the end of class and I'm not treating her when she does it slow now.

Then we did a distance exercise where she goes over a jump then out to the far end of a curved tunnel, and back in to another jump. Again, I had to go out with her to the tunnel.

The last one was a chute, broad jump, tire, and table, all in a row. She did very well at each obstacle but she always turned around to check with me before going to the table. I was surprised how well she took the broad jump since she hasn't seen it many times. She was really excited about this exercise, I think because she got to run a little.

The other exercise in Cassi's class was actually a mini course, set up 2 ways for discrimination. Her "get in" really helps with that. We had to go past the a-frame to get to the tunnel. She pulled out of the weaves, so we need some practice there.

They also set up some NADAC hoops, which are flat bottom (sit on the ground) and the rest is circular. I used these with Cassi to practice switch and here and play with her in between turns. She seemed to like that a lot. Maybe I'll have to add that to my equipment although we aren't planning to do NADAC. (It's too hard to keep track of the different rules for AKC and USDAA; I don't think I'm adding any other venues.)

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