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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Agility Class

Tonight's class was divided into 3 parts. Teka's first section was a "course" in a circle to practice distance. She does really well if I don't get too far (so not so great for distance!) but she had a lot of sniffing going on. It was a jump, A frame, tire, weaves (she did them if I reminded her what she was doing every pole), walk it, teeter. She was playing with her shark and play bowing at the other dogs and being very verbal tonight. :)

Then we did a tight jumpers course, with 4 in a circle and then another circle around it. There was a tunnel there too. She was playing with her octopus and ran around with it being cute and showing how much fun she was having.

The last thing we did was teaching wrap, which I often use "here" but should use wrap, so I did both since Teka hasn't heard wrap from me much. She did really well and worked for treats, though she wanted to play with the target the instructor put on the ground. It was a red foamy thing she said she cut from material obtained at Joanne's.

The instructors felt that she is ready for trials, definitely jumpers and probably Standard and FAST for AKC since they have tighter courses so distance is not as much of an issue. I'm not sure on FAST because you make up your own course (good for Teka) but the final part is distance (bad for Teka). I'm filling out my entries tomorrow so I have to decide....

Cassi's class had two parts. We did the same jumpers course but with different ordering, so it was harder, but Cassi rocked. The instructor showed me how to work on a rear cross by putting Cassi in a sit, standing behind her, and treating (or clicking or yes) when she looks over her shoulder without getting up. Then I should continue, moving back further each time.

Then we did a discrimination exercise. There was a walk it with tunnels on both ends. On one end was three curved tunnels in a row and the other end had two. This was very difficult; I had to really keep her close to me and watch where my body AND hand were pointing. She had a lot of fun and we got a prize for our teamwork. I got to pick a book so I got "That Dog'll Hunt" in honor of Mike. It has "Texas definitions" so I guess I got the right one!

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