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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Agility Class

First night of classes--Advanced!
In Teka's class, we worked on flip--dog walk to tunnel. Then we worked on jump, far end of tunnel, out to other jump (like a U but the tunnel entrance and exit are taken opposite.) Then we did Go, which Teka has trouble with. I really have to go with her everywhere.

Cassi's class, we worked on switch (I forgot my word!), with the frame lined up with a jump but she's supposed to take the jump to the right. She did the tire without any hesitation every time and kicked it about 75% with her funky higher back-end kick. Then we worked on a different U, with three jumps on each end of the tunnel, but before getting to the tunnel, there were 6 weave poles perpendicular to the jumps (so if the tunnel wasn't curved, they would have been parallel). I have a good lead out with her, so she goes over the three jumps to the tunnel. I had to do a front cross to get her lined up for the weaves but then she was ready for the jumps back. Interesting set up.

Cassi did very well and we had fun. Teka did very well and I think she had fun. I had her wear the gentle leader so I would have a lot of control of her head while she wasn't working and she did well around the other dogs, but I don't let her socialize anymore. She growled at one dog that was jumping around in a circle nearby. Not a bad night for her.

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